We are Climate Tech Venture

2019 Established in Japan
Currently based in Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

In developing business using the vacuum patent technology, we have been in contact with President Hagiwara of Hagy Tech, the inventor of the technology, since 2017 before its establishment, and established Inter Holdings in 2019 as a consulting company including business development using the patented technology. In the area of vacuum technology, as the exclusive representative of the patent rights, we have conducted new business planning, various tests, and test marketing, and signed an exclusive patent sales contract in 2021. We have positioned 2022 as the year of our second founding. This new business development aims to achieve carbon neutrality in the entire supply chain by utilizing vacuum technology.
With the cooperation of one of Japan's leading media companies we are currently working to register our head office in the U.S. We are currently in the process of increasing its capital and business development.
We are making Circular “ECO”nomy living commonplace
Well-being of all people involved in our products and services
  • Strong Will to Solve Climate Problems
  • Curiosity to question what we already have and create something better
  • Be honest, transparent, and straightforward.
  • Generate communication from competitors to collaborations through our products and services.
Our Team
Honorary Chairman
Tadashi Hagiwara
Chairman and CEO
Gak Kurata
President and COO
Ikumi Narui
Director and CSO
Taro Nomura
Director and CTO
Taku Nakamura
Director and CDO
Sho Yamaguchi
executive officer and CFO
Ryo Kato
we are
Corporate Name
July 2017
March 2019
$840 thousand Including capital reserve(as of March 2022)
THE BASE 1F, 3-9, Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0084, Japan
Representative Director, President and COO Ikumi Narui
  • The manufacture and sale of Vacuum Package for logistics, home and bulk sales system
  • with vacuum. Platform of green point, green advertising and E-commerce of green
  • products. Exports to overseas affiliates.
Legal advisor
Tomohiro Takagi
Partner of NISHIMURA & ASAHI Law Firm
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