• What We are . . .

    We are a business creation group. In creating a business, we take in ideas and patents buried in the world, create a business model that can secure a competitive advantage, and spread it to the world.
    We have knowledge, in other words, past achievements, know-how, and human resources who are strong in each field and business layer necessary for execution.

    We started with consulting such as management, new business creation, rebuilding existing operation, etc. We are determined to create sustainable business through our perspective, keeping several patents that have the potential to greatly succeed in the world.

About us

What we do . . .

Health, safety and security,
SDGs With global in mind
As a person
Help to live well

Helping people live well as people globally,
with health, safety and security, and SDGs in mind.

Here are some of the highly sustainable businesses that have been created through each patent with high potential to secure competitive advantage in eight areas.


#001. Settlement

The Japan Quality is a web platform that provides Japanese information content as part of a payment platform of China's No.1 collection agency, Lakala, and Japanese corporation Lakala Japan, Co., Ltd.
Our company is responsible for all aspects of the media, from the overall strategy to production and operational management.

It offers “fresh information” about Japanese lifestyle for Japanese (goods, things, places) to more than 120 million Lakala payment users by immediate translation of information content and promote mutual exchange of culture and economy with various functions as one of the Lakala payment platforms.

①daily access web “Always connect to today's Japan”
②match contents “Content that makes you want to say that it is the best match for you”
③situation-oriented consumption “Function to promote intangible goods consumption”
④online merges with offline “Fostering a sense of satisfaction through experience”

#002. Beauty

WiLL WELL - home care beauty brand -
Our beauty brand, "WiLL WELL", develops professional beauty products which is proud of high user rate in beauty care clinics as home care items that can be used at home.
Our goal is to be the source of everyone who wants to be beautiful.

We have formed a tie-up with South Korea's GLK Inc:
WiLL WELL is a combination product of an anti-aging solvent, "BNMS", an "AGA" solvent, a stem cell culture supernatant, boasting a high utilization rate, and a proven track record in beauty clinics already, and microneedle attachment group which realizes home care.

You can use high-quality professional care items with proven performance easily at home.



Business lineup
  • Consulting business
  • Manufacture business, Wholesale business, Retail sales business
  • Processing Industry and sales business
  • Media Development, Management, Operation
  • Advertisement business
  • Investment business
Date of Establishment5 March 2019
CEO and PresidentMr. Manabu Kurata
  • Two COOs
  • Two CTOs, Two CFOs
  • Four persons in charge of each business category
Corporation LawyerPartner, Nishimura & Asahi
Mr. Tomohiro Takagi, New York Lawyer
Captial26,500,000 yen
Address〒102-0084, THE BASE Kojimachi 1F, Nibancho 9-3, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Business alliances CENTURION, Inc.
Lakala Japan Co., Ltd.
GLIDER associates, INC.
RR Digital Media, Co., Ltd.
OCiETe Inc.
Lucy Co., Ltd.
LTN. inc.
And more (listed in random order)